Category: Jobs

  • Board of Management

    MR. HO SI THUAN C E O MR. PHAM HUY HIEP Vice Director MR. NGO MANH HA Vice Director MR. VU TRONG DO Vice Director MR. NGUYEN THAI DAO Chief accountant

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  • Board of Supervisors

    MS. BUI LAN ANH Head of Inspection Committee MR. HA HUU ANH Member of Inspection Committee MS. PHAM THI HUYEN TRANG Member of Inspection Committee MR. HO SY HUNG Member of Inspection Committee

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  • Board of Directors

    Chairman: Mr. HOANG DUC CHINH Nationality: Viet Nam Year of birth: 1971 Qualification: Bachelor of Sea Transport Economics Chairman: Mr. HO SI THUAN Nationality: Viet Nam Year of birth: 1978 Qualification: Bachelor of International Business Admisnistration, MBA Chairman: Mr. NGUYEN HOAI PHUONG Nationality: Viet Nam Year of birth: 1962...

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