The second assembly of PVTrans Oil, term 2020 – 2022 was successful

  • The second assembly of PVTrans Oil, term 2020 – 2022 was successful

    Implementation of Plan No. 01-KH/VNVTDK dated 02/01/2020 Party Committee on the Organization of the Party Congress of Progressive parties to the party Congress of the 8th Petroleum Transport Joint Stock Corporation tenure 2020-2025. Under the direction of the Communist Party committee of the PetroVietnam Transportation Joint Stock Corporation (PV Trans), the last time; The branch of Phuong Dong Viet Oil transport Joint stock Company (PVTrans Oil) has actively deployed the preparation of the Congress for the operation of the Ministry of term 2020-2022. To date, the preparation of the Ministry of Assembly has completed in accordance with the plan.

    At 8h: 00 on 20/03/2020, at the Grand meeting room, 8th floor, 45 vo Thi Sau Street, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC. HCMC PVTrans Oil Department has conducted the preparatory session to prepare for the formal conference of the same day.

    At the conference, the Department has been voting through the Congress's program, rules and work Regulations, chailed by the Imperial German comrade. On behalf of the Presidency, E/C Secretary of the Department reports the process of building and collecting comments on the draft of the assembly documents of PVTrans Oil department such as: draft report on results of resolution of the 4th Ministry of Congress, term 2017 – 2020 and the mission direction of 2020-2022; The draft report on the leadership and steering points of the Commission for term 2017-2020.

    The discussion process is funky, the focus, the key that the presidency has oriented. The official conference takes place at 09h00 the same day.

    Attending the Congress are delegates: Dong Viet Anh-Deputy Secretary of party committee of the Corporation; Dong Duy – The chief office of the party-the corporation; Comrade ha to Hieu-Staff office party-Group Corporation; And comrades in the Chi 2017 – 2020 branch of the department is the main comrade Hoang Duc-BCH party committee of the Corporation, secretary of the Department; The Ho Chi Minh-Deputy secretary of the Department; Pham Huy Hiep-chi member of the branch and 24 members of PVTrans Oil department.

    The opening ceremony of the flag, singing national anthem, international CA, comrade of the Swiss alloy to introduce the participant.

    On behalf of the BCH in the term 2017-2020, Comrade Hoang Duc Main-Secretary of the Department has reported the implementation of the political duties in term 2017-2020. In the report, the Secretary of the comrade clearly states the advantages and disadvantages of PVTrans Oil in term 2017-2020, which in particular is the fierce competition between domestic and foreign sea transport units prior to the complex performance of the corona epidemic. In the report, the Secretary of the Comrade also emphasized the existence and limitations that the Department should clearly see in order to overcome in the following term, from which the lessons learned, in which the most important lesson is to promote the strength of internal solidarity in the party, in PVTrans Oil. In the face of difficulties and challenges, the secretary Comrade has on behalf of the set of specific objectives, duties and solutions on each sector, operating by PVTrans Oil.

    Then, the Ho Chi Minh-Deputy Secretary of the Committee of the PVTrans Oil branch of the commission of the term 2017-2020. In the report, the comrades stated remarkable achievements and a number of existing recommendations that need to be overcome in the operation of the term through.

    At the Congress, Comrade Hoang Duc Main-Secretary of the Department also has said and identified this as a deep political activity in the party, in order to improve the leadership capability and the battle power of the party base organization; Promoting democracy, wisdom in staffs, members and employees; Raising the spirit of responsibility, strengthening the discipline, the discipline to create unity, unity in the party and in the political system; Value quality, efficiency, safety, savings, avoiding exhibitionist form; Ensure proper implementation of regulations, processes, content, time of Congress… The selection of personnel elected to the new key expenditures to follow the process, ensuring democracy, publicity and transparency. Personnel elected to the new Commission are the typical members who have sufficient moral qualities, competence, prestige… Comrade Secretary of the Ministry expects that each party member promote the highest sense of responsibility in the conference with the motto "Congress of Wisdom, Innovation and sustainable development".

    Attending the Assembly of PVTrans Oil, Comrade Pham Viet Anh-Deputy Secretary of the party Ministry of the Corporation has congratulated the Conference, which represents the achievements and results that the Department has achieved during the last term, while the comrade also emphasized and pointed out the extant sides of the ministry during the last term. In particular, in the situation of Corona epidemic is the introduction of the Gospel, a large image to the world economy including the sea transport industry; Comrades stated and have opinions directing direction, objectives, tasks to solution for PVTrans Oil Department during the coming term. Every officer, party member and laborer of PVTrans Oil co-minds, agreed to overcome the difficulties, challenges to build, develop PVTrans Oil not only is the key unit of sea transport business in the region but also become a prestigious unit in the world market.

    In the next section, Comrade Tran Thi Thanh Huyen-secretary of the Congress, read the report on aggregate suggestions of the draft documents of the party congress; Comrade Secretary Hoang Duc is through the HR scheme of PVTrans Oil branch of the term 2020-2022.

    The Congress then entered the important content of voting for the electoral branch of 2020-2022. As a result, three comrades were elected to the new term: Comrade Hoang Duc Main, Comrade Pham Huy Hiep and comrade Ngo Manh ha.

    Shortly after the electoral commission of the new term, the Congress also proceeded to elect the Secretary and Deputy Secretary to the Department with the following results:

    Stt First Name Officials
    1 Comrade Hoang Duc Major Secretary of the ministry
    2 Comrade Pham Huy Hiep Deputy Secretary of the Ministry

    Dong Chi saves Trung Duy – Chief office of the Group Corporation donated flowers to the branch of PVTrans Oil in the former term 2017 – 2020

    Pham Viet Anh-Deputy Secretary of party committee to donate flowers to the branch of PVTrans Oil in New term 2020 – 2022

    The final part, which was the Congress passed the resolution of the second PVTrans Oil Department's Conference for the term 2020-2022.

    At the end, on behalf of the presidency, Secretary Hoang Duc himself asserted that the Congress had a successful success, declaring the closing of the Congress and taking souvenir pictures.

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